On the Amnesty International website, Adrienne Keene of Standing Rock Solidarity has provided 10 practical tips for acting in solidarity. The recommendations are for allies who want to responsibly support marginalized communities and do not have minority status themselves.

  1. Center the leadership, stories and voices of the affected community.
  2. Recognize and be mindful of the cultural context and space that you occupy.
  3. Don’t co-opt religious/cultural symbols and garments regardless of your intentions.
  4. Reach out to local Muslim and Arab community organizers to find out how you can show up as an ally.
  5. Be aware of how much space you are taking up and more importantly when to step back.
  6. Never photograph anyone without their expressed permission and consent.
  7. When invited to a cultural, community or religious space always show up with an offering. Never show up empty handed.
  8. Match your intention with your impact.
  9. Allyship is a dynamic process.
  10. Saviors are not needed, solidarity is.

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