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In 2017, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party began publicly threatening teachers with so-called “reporting platforms” on which students and parents were to point out their alleged “non-compliance(s)” with a supposed “school neutrality requirement.”

Bambyle is the title of a 2018 radio play that takes an artistic-documentary approach to the process of creating the 1970 television play “Bambule” and the life of Ulrike Meinhoff.

New surveillance powers, custodial restrictions/preventive detention without criminal proceedings or suspicion – in many federal states, state police laws will be tightened in 2018, massively expanding the rights and scope of law enforcement agencies.

Gentrification, discipline, control and security. Cameras, surveillance, prevention and standardization. Keywords that we know from the media, but also from press releases, e-mail distribution lists, theory seminars and pub conversations.

When police officers commit crimes in the course of their duties, they are rarely convicted by a court of law. Their victims, on the other hand, often have to face charges and lengthy lawsuits themselves.

Food and drink – more central than almost any other topic and yet often underrepresented in political discourse. The theme dossier deals with this fundamental approach in a variety of examples and formats.

Founded in 1994 by artists and activists in Los Angeles/USA, the collective uses sound art, sound and listening as a strategy for political action. Topics of the internationally active network include migration, racism, urban development and HIV/AIDS.

The practice research project “Places of Memory. Forgotten and Interwoven Stories” takes many, sometimes new, looks at people, places and tours in Berlin. And addresses who and what has not been in focus until now, secures traces that have been hidden or forgotten.


The album by Daniel Mburu Muhuni and Sven Kacirek is subtitled A Sonic Anthropology and tells the story of the impact of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in 11 tracks consisting of interview excerpts with smallholder farmers, activists and local politicians as well as various sound tracks.

The online magazine calls itself a “Network for local and global Sounds and Media Culture.” and writes about itself: “Norient searches worldwide for new music, sounds and noise. It discusses current viewpoints of the music world critically, from different perspectives and always close to the musicians and their networks.(…)”