New surveillance powers, custodial restrictions/preventive detention without criminal proceedings or suspicion – in many federal states, state police laws will be tightened in 2018, massively expanding the rights and scope of law enforcement agencies.

The audio recording of this event at the Leipzig project office of the Left Party “linxxxnet” from September 2018 deals with these current events using the example of the federal state of Saxony and places them in the context of similar state advances from recent decades. In this context, Heiner Busch, editor of the magazine “Bürgerrechte und Polizei/CILIP” ( Civil Rights and Police), for example, talks at length about the continuous shift in the relationship between police, military and intelligence services in Germany and the accompanying change in what is called “policing”.

Additionally, a contribution on surveillance and police powers and police violence in Germany from the ARD television program Monitor.

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