The practical research project “Places of Remembrance. Forgotten and interwoven stories” takes many, sometimes new looks at people, places and tours in Berlin. And addresses who and what has not been in focus until now, secures traces that have been hidden or forgotten.

The project writes about itself and its work:

“In the course of the project, places and history(s) will be researched that are capable of irritating hegemonic historical narratives and locating memories as shared in a double sense (shared and divided) in urban space. The stories told are about movement and globality – and yet they are not ‘migration stories’. History*s that are repressed or silenced – and yet not a ‘victim story’. History*s that illuminate concrete life paths – and yet not a history of ‘individual fates’.”

The results of the project, which was carried out at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin between 2014 and 2016, include an audio walk on “Unfree Labor and Racism” through Berlin-Mitte plus supplementary maps and the website “Verwobene Geschichte*n”. Additional materials are also available there, for example, topic-specific recommendations on literature, theater, and educational materials, as well as documentation of the final event.


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