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The publicist Eike Geisel, born in 1945, wrote about anti-Semitism, German politics of remembrance and forgetting, and worked as a historian, for example, on the Berlin Scheunenviertel and the Jewish Cultural Association.

The practice research project “Places of Memory. Forgotten and Interwoven Stories” takes many, sometimes new, looks at people, places and tours in Berlin. And addresses who and what has not been in focus until now, secures traces that have been hidden or forgotten.

Art Spiegelman tells the story of Auschwitz survivor Wladek in his graphic novel. The character is based on Spiegelmann’s father, and the narrative setting – the father telling his son about the Holocaust and his memories of it – also bears strong autobiographical traits.

The handout “Weltbild Antisemitismus” (“World View of Anti-Semitism”) by the Anne Frank Educational Center shows concrete possibilities for dealing pedagogically with anti-Semitic statements and attitudes.

On Don’t degrade Debs, Darling!, Berlin-based blogger Debs writes about identity_en, sexism, heterosexism/heteronormativity, body norms, Jewish identity, and psychiatric experience.

In “Distant Connections,” women of different social positionings explore the questions of how racism, anti-Semitism, and classism determine women’s interactions…