Diakonie Württemberg 2014: Where do I come from? Reflective and methodological suggestions for educational work critical of racism, Diakonie Württemberg, Stuttgart.

“A working aid for experienced professionals working in the field of migration society / racism / intercultural opening. It has a modular structure and offers basic texts on the respective topics, as well as a selection of methods and tips for additional materials. The main focus is on the extensive chapter “Racism”, further modules are “Migration Society”, “Categories of Difference and Power Relations”, “Empowerment”, “Language: German?” and “Challenge of Intercultural Opening”. The focus of the educational approach is on power asymmetries and (self-)reflection, both of the participants and of the leaders: to what extent are social work professionals also involved in relations of inequality, involved in othering and integrated into racist structures? At the center is the question of appropriate pedagogical possibilities for action-including error-friendliness and willingness to learn-in each specific context.” (announcement text)


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