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Founded in 2002 by Ntone Edjabe, the Cape Town, South Africa-based platform of writing, art and politics has many formats.

Two Canadian sisters with disabilities, who constantly find themselves in weird and absurd situations in a world dominated by non-disabled people, share their everyday experiences in this blog. And this mainly in the form of their own comics.

Since May 2013, the so-called “NSU trial” against five defendants from the right-wing extremist scene has been underway at the Munich Higher Regional Court. A racist, brutal series of murders with a total of ten people killed is being tried.

“Struggles for Reparations for Colonialism and the Enslavement Trade.” Under this motto, the blog gathered contributions in the form of texts, videos, links or event notes from October 2015 to December 2016.

Offensive, discursive, narrative: just three of the attributes that could be mentioned in the context of publicist Mely Kiyak’s weekly column on the website of Berlin’s Maxim Gorki Theater.

The lifestyle magazine from Vienna has been focusing on black life in Austria since 2014 and sees itself as a magazine by and for the second and third generation of the African diaspora. The focus is on lifestyle, art, fashion, studying and business.

The free and open online platform reports independently on social struggles and democratic movements in India.

The online magazine calls itself a “Network for local and global Sounds and Media Culture.” and writes about itself: “Norient searches worldwide for new music, sounds and noise. It discusses current viewpoints of the music world critically, from different perspectives and always close to the musicians and their networks.(…)”

This independent online portal focuses on the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The explicit goal here is to produce reporting that reflects a broad spectrum of opinions and thus takes on perspectives that are rarely if ever represented by large Western media companies.