The album by Daniel Mburu Muhuni and Sven Kacirek is subtitled A Sonic Anthropology and tells the story of the impact of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in 11 tracks consisting of interview excerpts with smallholder farmers, activists and local politicians as well as various sound tracks.

This agreement between the European Union and the so-called ACP states(African, Caribbean and Pacific states) has been in place since the end of 2014, due to massive economic and political pressure from the EU. It also has devastating consequences for local economies and livelihoods in ACP countries.

The complete album can be listened to and purchased digitally, or as an LP, here. A review can be found here, a text about the creation process can be read here. Videos with some interview partners* of the two musicians can be found here.

Daniel Mburu Muhuni, Sven Kacirek 2017: Economic Partnership Agreement

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