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Bambyle is the title of a 2018 radio play that takes an artistic-documentary approach to the process of creating the 1970 television play “Bambule” and the life of Ulrike Meinhoff.

Economy as an instrument for a good life for all – since 2011, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie from Leipizig has been working under this credo as a non-profit and independent association.


A thick book with more than 40, multicolored and detailed (land)maps from and about different regions of the world – and yet this book does not want to be an “atlas”?!

Under the motto “More than just a union”, activists under the umbrella of the “Free Workers’ Union” and organized in grassroots trade unions and local syndicates are fighting against economic exploitation of all kinds.

Over 80 different groups and individuals from Austria, Switzerland and Germany belong to the association – work is done on various fields of social reproduction such as domestic work, assistance, health, sexuality, care, housing or education.

The Mexican Revolution, the founding of the Paris Commune or the beginnings of the trade union movements – this documentary uses original footage to tell the story of one of the most powerful political movements of the last 150 years.


The album by Daniel Mburu Muhuni and Sven Kacirek is subtitled A Sonic Anthropology and tells the story of the impact of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in 11 tracks consisting of interview excerpts with smallholder farmers, activists and local politicians as well as various sound tracks.

The documentary tells the story of the 2012 Marikana strike at the Lonmin mine, one of South Africa’s largest platinum mines.

The independent cooperative, based in London, has been working in the fields of critical reporting, research and education since 1996. The focus is on the question of what serious effects the capitalist management of large companies has on people and the environment.