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“And Ek-Ghes…” – with this little promise begins a love song, which in turn is a part of a documentary film. “One day…”, the translation of the title line from Romanian into German, tells the story of the Velcu family from Faţa Luncii, Romania, in a good hour and a half.

Bambyle is the title of a 2018 radio play that takes an artistic-documentary approach to the process of creating the 1970 television play “Bambule” and the life of Ulrike Meinhoff.

The documentary film project with the working title “Interruptio” takes the debate about paragraphs 218 and 219a as a starting point and works on reproductive rights and justice in Germany.

The documentary film from 2015 tells six stories about sex and sexuality, about people without and people with functional diversity.

The digital archive aims to make visible the arts and cultures of the Sinti and Roma in Europe – and thereby illustrate their “contribution to European cultural history”.


The documentary film from 2007 follows the traces of prisoners of war interned in Wünsdorf (Brandenburg) during the First World War – on the basis of voice recordings made under the constraints of the camp.

The publicist Eike Geisel, born in 1945, wrote about anti-Semitism, German politics of remembrance and forgetting, and worked as a historian, for example, on the Berlin Scheunenviertel and the Jewish Cultural Association.

Berlin-Mitte. Some of those present wear beige trench coats, floppy hats, mirrored sunglasses. In the entrance area of the Maritim Hotel: light blue garbage bags filled with shredded files.

Togo, Cameroon, Tanzania, Namibia: The five-part documentary series (the intro linked here forms the first part) visits the areas on the African continent formerly colonized by Germany by force.

The episodes are called “Poetry Meets Soul with Jumoke Adeyanju”, “G20 Protest with Kofi Shakur” or “Exit Racism with Tupoka Ogette and Stephen Lawson” – unagitated, serious, dynamic and often poetic video/multimedia portraits of people of color and LGBTI* people who live, work, are politically, artistically, activistically active in Berlin.