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What is “Uhudler”? And what does this Austrian wine, which until the early 1990s was only allowed to be produced for domestic use, have to do with the beginnings of a globalized world economy? What colonial-racist histories of violence underlie long drinks like gin and tonic or Cuba Libre?

The development policy network for women’s rights and feminist perspectives works on the topic of “Gender & Development” and is based in Vienna.

In this book, U.S. anthropologist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing tells the story of the edible mushroom matsutake – and its relationship to its environment, to non-human and human actors.


A thick book with more than 40, multicolored and detailed (land)maps from and about different regions of the world – and yet this book does not want to be an “atlas”?!

Food and drink – more central than almost any other topic and yet often underrepresented in political discourse. The theme dossier deals with this fundamental approach in a variety of examples and formats.

Every day, we allow it to become invisible that our lifestyle is only possible because we “externalize” or offload the costs for it onto other people and societies. The exploitation of people and nature, or more precisely the overexploitation (mostly) of the Global North of the social and economic resources of the Global South, is the focus of this book.

Founded in 1994 by artists and activists in Los Angeles/USA, the collective uses sound art, sound and listening as a strategy for political action. Topics of the internationally active network include migration, racism, urban development and HIV/AIDS.

The non-profit association exists since 1994 and works scientifically and activistically on European border regimes, their political backgrounds and existential effects on migrants and people on the run.