The non-profit association exists since 1994 and works scientifically and activistically on European border regimes, their political backgrounds and existential effects on migrants and people on the run.

On its website, the group writes about its principles, goals, and methods: “The point of reference for the FFM are the interests and rights of refugees and migrants and, along with this, the critical examination of state migration and refugee policies. In doing so, reasons for flight and migration are fundamentally respected. The self-organization of refugees and migrants, also across national borders, should be supported with this work. Wherever possible, research is carried out in cooperation with refugee policy associations, committed local groups and academic institutions. The FFM usually publishes the research results in joint publications as well as in its own booklet series.”

The material archive of the group is located at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, all publications of the group for the period 1995-2005 can be found at this link on the archive website.

All contributions from 2005 onwards can be accessed via this link on the current website. In addition, current press releases and articles on the main topics “Mediterranean route”, “Balkan route” and “Schengen migration” can be found here, arranged by topic.


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