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The materials presented here were developed in the context of a training workshop and further think two popular methods of political education work in the context of multilingual groups – the “Values Auction” and “As in Real Life”.

The information portal for multipliers in (extra-)school education and other interested persons gathers a variety of information.

In 1979, the publicist Henryk M. Broder, together with Michel R. Lang, publishes a book: “Fremd im eigenen Land. Jews in the Federal Republic.” Some thirteen years later, three young musicians from Heidelberg are unable to find a label for their songs, so without further ado they self-publish their single in 1992.

Thirty-five thousand. That’s how many people, as of fall 2018, have died in the Mediterranean trying to enter the European Union since 2000. 35,000 people – at least.

“Let’s tear ourselves away from the roots that connect us to every kind of form of domination”- under this motto the self-administered magazine “from/to migrants”, “KÖXSÜZ”, appeared between 1995 and 2000.

The online portal exists since 2012 and documents violence and (human) rights violations against migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, the southern external border of the European Union.

The non-profit association exists since 1994 and works scientifically and activistically on European border regimes, their political backgrounds and existential effects on migrants and people on the run.

Japanese and US-American rhythm machines of the 50s and 60s, products of the so-called “China trade” or the colonial phantasm of a railroad line between Hamburg and Baghdad – these are only three examples of discourses, things and narratives that the “Museum of our Transcultural Present” gathers in an exhibition and tries to relate to each other.