The materials presented here were developed in the context of a training workshop and further think two popular methods of political education work in the context of multilingual groups – the “Values Auction” and “As in Real Life”.

In political education work with (young) refugees and new immigrants, dealing with the multilingualism of the participants is a major issue. The participants often have little knowledge of German and a common bridge language beyond German cannot be assumed. However, many methods of political education work are relatively language-centered and presuppose a good knowledge of German as a basis.

With the help of the speakers Anna Müller from the Servicebureau Jugendinformation Bremen as well as Regina Piontek from the field of German as a foreign language (freelance), questions about visualization possibilities, the integration of the languages of the participants, the handling of multilingualism and formulation possibilities in easy language were worked on in particular.

The resulting considerations and revisions can be viewed here:

The training workshop was part of the project “Empowered by democracy” and took place in May 2019 at the DGB Haus Bremen. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Grete Schläger, youth education officer at Arbeit und Leben Bremen. “Empowered by Democracy” is a project of bap – Bundesausschuss Politische Bildung e.V. and is funded by the BMFSFJ as part of the federal program “Democracy Live!

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