Gentrification, discipline, control and security. Cameras, surveillance, prevention and standardization. Keywords that we know from the media, but also from press releases, e-mail distribution lists, theory seminars and pub conversations.

SaU – which in this case stands for “Seminar for Applied Uncertainty” and not for the animal of the same name. But somehow the activists still play with this (specific) image – visualizing the above keywords as anatomical parts of a domestic pig. “Surveillance,” for example, is part of the spinal and abdominal regions-and as such is decidedly central. Actions of the surveillance-critical group that follow on from this are, for example, camera walks through Berlin neighborhoods documented on maps. In the past, the group countered the subsequent area of “discrimination” with, among other things, a documented series of events under the eerily “beautiful” title ” The 1000 Eyes of the Job Center”.

More texts and audios from past events about perspectives on public space that are critical of domination and power can also be found in the group’s archive . Here, the discussion of those buzzwords that pass us by inaccessibly in everyday life due to their size and presence quickly becomes vivid, exemplary, and questioning.


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