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This website aims to inform and connect actors who are engaged against privatization, gentrification and demolition policies in the urban area of Berlin.

Economy as an instrument for a good life for all – since 2011, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie from Leipizig has been working under this credo as a non-profit and independent association.

In this book, U.S. anthropologist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing tells the story of the edible mushroom matsutake – and its relationship to its environment, to non-human and human actors.

Steadily rising rents, housing shortages, gentrification. Three buzzwords of a complex that is as commonplace as it is debilitating for many people. What specifically to do when there is no more affordable housing?

Gentrification, discipline, control and security. Cameras, surveillance, prevention and standardization. Keywords that we know from the media, but also from press releases, e-mail distribution lists, theory seminars and pub conversations.

When police officers commit crimes in the course of their duties, they are rarely convicted by a court of law. Their victims, on the other hand, often have to face charges and lengthy lawsuits themselves.

Application, financing, orientation during studies and prospects for a later life – finding your way at colleges, universities of applied sciences, universities or art academies has many levels. In Germany, one factor that determines the success of a course of study is still one’s own background – and thus, among other things, the question of whether one’s parents, for example, or other family members, have studied.

Under the motto “More than just a union”, activists under the umbrella of the “Free Workers’ Union” and organized in grassroots trade unions and local syndicates are fighting against economic exploitation of all kinds.

Using Berlin as an example, the data journalism project of the Protestant School of Journalism researches the often more than incomplete official figures and statistics on homelessness and strives for a vivid, graphic presentation.