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The tenants’ association at the southern Kottbusser Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg has been fighting against high rents and rent increases in social housing, against racism and for a right to the city against the background of the history of migration since 2011.

This website aims to inform and connect actors who are engaged against privatization, gentrification and demolition policies in the urban area of Berlin.

Steadily rising rents, housing shortages, gentrification. Three buzzwords of a complex that is as commonplace as it is debilitating for many people. What specifically to do when there is no more affordable housing?

Gentrification, discipline, control and security. Cameras, surveillance, prevention and standardization. Keywords that we know from the media, but also from press releases, e-mail distribution lists, theory seminars and pub conversations.

Workshop series, critical city walks, publications or research workshops – the registered association, which in its subtitle describes itself, refreshingly laconic, as “Just another Critical Geography Group”, works in various formats and is a free association of activists, geographers, social scientists and others.

The PENG! Collective writes on the website of their “Haunted Landlord” campaign to resist rent increases, gentrification and eviction: “With this action we want to make this area-wide, structural problem visible and audible through personal stories and confront those responsible directly with the voices of the displaced and the consequences of their actions.(…)” Der Rapper PTK bringt in diesem Lied und Video seinen Unmut über die anhaltende Verdrängung aus Berlin-Kreuzberg zum Ausdruck… Das Musik- und Videoprojekt “Krisenzeichen” vom kollektiv orangotango thematisiert die aktuelle Berliner Stadtentwicklung im Kontext von neoliberalem Stadtumbau, Immobilienspekulation,… “Der Film beobachtet über einen Zeitraum von acht Jahren die architektonischen und politischen Veränderungen am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.…