Workshop series, critical city walks, publications or research workshops – the registered association, which in its subtitle describes itself, refreshingly laconic, as “Just another Critical Geography Group” , works in various formats and is a free association of activists, geographers, social scientists and others. Thematically, there is much – acadamically as well as activistically – about urban politics in a broader sense, often using Berlin as an example. And thus about power, resistance to gentrification and displacement, in short, about space “as something produced by social, cultural, and material processes-in cities, bodies, or networks, through relations of power, exploitation, or production, via resistance, affective relations, or practices of appropriation.”

The activists and scientists write about their approach:

“For us, critical geography means intervening in hegemonic forms of spatialization through scientific and other forms of action, and creating or at least supporting alternative, emancipatory places and possibilities for action.”

Another project supported by the group is the online publication sub \ urban zeitschrift für kritische stadtforschung. An overview of the issues published so far can be found here .

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