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Criticizing power and domination, describing conditions, trying to emancipate oneself from structures – terms play a central role in (political) everyday life. Big, multi-layered words like subject, performativity, or postcolonial theory come up frequently and readily.

Workshop series, critical city walks, publications or research workshops – the registered association, which in its subtitle describes itself, refreshingly laconic, as “Just another Critical Geography Group”, works in various formats and is a free association of activists, geographers, social scientists and others.

In the poem “Academic Indian Job Description: Have To Know,” Cree scholar Cash Ahenakew describes his difficulties (and those of others) in adapting to the academic context and its expectations with his Indigenous subjectivity and corresponding values. Zu diesem Lied von 1977 passt ein kurzes Interview mit Fela Kuti über die Kolonisierung von Wissen.