Criticizing power and domination, describing conditions, trying to emancipate oneself from structures – terms play a central role in (political) everyday life. Big, multi-layered words like subject, performativity, or postcolonial theory come up frequently and readily. The project “Gender Glossary” is about explaining and presenting “knowledge about gender and sexuality in a multi-perspective as well as inter- and transdisciplinary way”: free of charge, scientifically sound and citable.

In this blind peer review process, scientists act as reviewers for each submitted paper. The editorial team is based at Barbara Drink ‘s professorship in Leipzig, and together with Ilse Nagelschmidt and Heinz-Jürgen Voss it publishes the online reference work.

The project is part of the working group “Open Digital Science in Gender Studies”, which sees itself as ” being a place of gathering and networking for the increasing number of gender, gender and queer science oriented projects in the fields of Open Access, Open Digital Science, Open Educational Resources and Digital Humanities”.

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