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Bambyle is the title of a 2018 radio play that takes an artistic-documentary approach to the process of creating the 1970 television play “Bambule” and the life of Ulrike Meinhoff.

This wiki attempts to map the broad political landscape of antifeminism and thus make visible networks of reactionary actors and anti-human argumentation.

Criticizing power and domination, describing conditions, trying to emancipate oneself from structures – terms play a central role in (political) everyday life. Big, multi-layered words like subject, performativity, or postcolonial theory come up frequently and readily.

Queer education since 1980 – the educational initiative “Queerformat” is a supporting association of the educational institutions ABqueer and KomBi and works in the fields of diversity and anti-discrimination with a focus on sexual orientations and gender identities.

The documentary “Phoolan” by Hossein Fazeli tells the life of Phoolan Devi (1963-2001) from the northern Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

On Don’t degrade Debs, Darling!, Berlin-based blogger Debs writes about identity_en, sexism, heterosexism/heteronormativity, body norms, Jewish identity, and psychiatric experience.

“Politics, things that make you think, and recreational breaks” – that’s how Emma describes her blog and the content she draws on.

A new brochure from the Austrian Quix – Collective for Critical Educational Work is dedicated to the topics of “Gender, Sexuality and Desire” in educational work. The focus is on educational work in the context of development policy, especially international voluntary services.