(Queer-)feminist, critical of domination, practice-oriented: These are the three premises under which the collection of methods published by the DGB Jugend in 2012 situates itself. On 262 pages, topics such as “gender” and related aspects such as sexual orientation and gender identity, feminist views on power relations or intersectionality are outlined and provided with methods and mediation strategies with regard to possible educational offers.

On the project’s homepage, the editors list some questions that their practical guide aims to clarify:

  • How and with which methods is it possible to make gender relations a topic with young people?
  • What difficulties can arise and how can they be dealt with?
  • How can a personal attitude be attained that enables respectful interaction with a wide variety of people?
  • How can gender-reflective educational work contribute to raising awareness for multiple forms of social inequality (e.g. racism, classism) in everyday life, e.g. at school, at work or at university?
  • What theories and social movements does such educational work draw upon?

The folder can be ordered here for a nominal fee of 12,95€, a detailed table of contents as well as reading samples can be found here.




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