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The information portal for multipliers in (extra-)school education and other interested persons gathers a variety of information.

This wiki attempts to map the broad political landscape of antifeminism and thus make visible networks of reactionary actors and anti-human argumentation.

The documentary film from 2015 tells six stories about sex and sexuality, about people without and people with functional diversity.

A multi-headed poetic monster that critically observes the developments and actions of the European Right and its international alliances, examining and attacking their narrative and intervention strategies.

Criticizing power and domination, describing conditions, trying to emancipate oneself from structures – terms play a central role in (political) everyday life. Big, multi-layered words like subject, performativity, or postcolonial theory come up frequently and readily.

Queer education since 1980 – the educational initiative “Queerformat” is a supporting association of the educational institutions ABqueer and KomBi and works in the fields of diversity and anti-discrimination with a focus on sexual orientations and gender identities.

Dissens – Institut für Bildung und Forschung (Institute for Education and Research) is an educational, consulting and research institute, a recognized youth welfare organization in Berlin and active in consulting for organizations and individuals.

Over 80 different groups and individuals from Austria, Switzerland and Germany belong to the association – work is done on various fields of social reproduction such as domestic work, assistance, health, sexuality, care, housing or education.