Queer education since 1980 – the educational initiative “Queerformat” is a supporting association of the educational institutions ABqueer and KomBi and works in the fields of diversity and anti-discrimination with a focus on sexual orientations and gender identities.

Since 2010, the initiative has been carrying out educational measures for schools, daycare centers, youth welfare offices and child and youth welfare organizations as part of the parliamentary initiative “Berlin tritt ein für Selbstbestimmung und Akzeptanz sexueller Vielfalt” (Berlin stands up for self-determination and acceptance of sexual diversity ).

The employees write about their (pedagogical) work concept on their website:

“The educational initiative QUEERFORMAT uses as its working concept a diversity approach that brings together three pedagogical concepts in a complementary way. The “pedagogy of diversity” focuses on the criteria of gender, perceived disability and origin and was developed by Annedore Prengel. This concept is supplemented by “life form pedagogy”, which also includes sexual orientation and sexual identity. (…) “Lebensformenpädagogik” conveys an appreciation for diversity, addresses mechanisms of exclusion and power relations. It also sees itself as contributing to “human rights education,” to which it has made explicit reference for several years.”

(Educational) materials related to sexual and gender diversity can be found on the initiative’s website for free download – including handouts, short films, link lists.

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