This wiki attempts to map the broad political landscape of antifeminism and thus make visible networks of reactionary actors and anti-human argumentation. Political forces, in other words, whose impact reaches far into the so-called “center of society.” The wiki makers describe antifeminists as actors who “oppose sexual self-determination and equality policies (…)”, at the same time positioning so-called “traditional” ideas of gender, sexuality and family against the slow opening of these concepts and declaring “gender and sexuality as natural quantities, free from social, cultural or historical influences”.

The structure of the wiki is based on eight overarching discourse topics identified in advance: “Population,” “Gender,” “Sexuality,” “Family,” “Education,” “Work,” “Equality,” and “Violence. In these, the linkages, intersections, and differences between the “narratives” of the various antifeminist actors* are then presented. Examples of these “narrative strategies” are defamatory buzzwords such as “decadence, ” “gender mania,” or “political correctness.”

The project is a practice partner of the research network “REVERSE” and is realized by a team of researchers with a focus on “antifeminism”, “gender” and “new rights” as well as activists. Recent posts from the project can also be found on social media, for example here and here.

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