“A many-headed, poetic monster” – that’s what the author network “Nazis and Goldmund” writes about itself. And then further: “(…) that critically observes the developments and actions of the European Right and its international alliances, examines and attacks their narrative and intervention strategies.”

Every week an article appears on the website – not always, but quite often a literary text. Somewhere between, as the authors* write self-deprecatingly in their FAQ “(…) essays, thought splinters, reportages, poetic fragments, inner monologues, open accusations, pamphlets, dramolettes, battle slogans, headlines, beautiful songs, leftist propaganda.”

The texts appear on “Nazis and Goldmund” in the categories “Demagogy”, “Democratization”, “Country-City”, “Queer”, “Right-Wing Terror” and “Migration”.

The “Hydra Manifesto” can perhaps be considered the founding text – “Hydra says, eighteenth: What does the hollowing out of the material have to do with the breaking up of the right-wing edge, and why don’t we talk about it?” it says, for example.

In June 2018, “Ängst is now a Weltanschauung,” a “literary conference on the erosion of the democratic,” took place at Ballhaus Ost in Berlin. In addition to texts such as “1/How not to lose the language?” , the associated blog also features conversations with writers such as Olga Flohr and Thomas Meinecke.

Read more about the conference program and goals here.


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