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In 2017, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party began publicly threatening teachers with so-called “reporting platforms” on which students and parents were to point out their alleged “non-compliance(s)” with a supposed “school neutrality requirement.”

Economy as an instrument for a good life for all – since 2011, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie from Leipizig has been working under this credo as a non-profit and independent association.

Application, financing, orientation during studies and prospects for a later life – finding your way at colleges, universities of applied sciences, universities or art academies has many levels. In Germany, one factor that determines the success of a course of study is still one’s own background – and thus, among other things, the question of whether one’s parents, for example, or other family members, have studied.

Dissens – Institut für Bildung und Forschung (Institute for Education and Research) is an educational, consulting and research institute, a recognized youth welfare organization in Berlin and active in consulting for organizations and individuals.

“Teaching materials and didactics critical of racism for many subjects” is the subtitle of the reader, designed by editors Marcin Michalski and Ramses Michael Oueslati for different grade levels and types of schools.

This animated video illustrates a 2010 presentation by education and creativity researcher Ken Robinson on structural and conceptual ills in teaching, learning, and knowledge production.

The Information Office Nicaragua e.V. has published a revised new edition of the Focuscafé Latin America for educational work with youth and young adults.