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Founded in 2002 by Ntone Edjabe, the Cape Town, South Africa-based platform of writing, art and politics has many formats.

“Let’s tear ourselves away from the roots that connect us to every kind of form of domination”- under this motto the self-administered magazine “from/to migrants”, “KÖXSÜZ”, appeared between 1995 and 2000.

The lifestyle magazine from Vienna has been focusing on black life in Austria since 2014 and sees itself as a magazine by and for the second and third generation of the African diaspora. The focus is on lifestyle, art, fashion, studying and business.


In 2015, the first issue of the literary magazine PS – Politisch Schreiben was published under the theme “Competition & Canon”. On the newspaper’s website, in addition to articles from the various issues, there is also an extensive list of links to friendly (art) projects and people.

Daily Resistance is “newspaper published and written by people, so-called refugees, who don’t accept their disfranchisement by the German state.…

Few mainstream magazines offer unbiased news about Native Americans. Here are some news websites of “Indian Country” – but it…