In 2015, the first issue of the literary magazine PS – Politisch Schreiben was published under the theme “Competition & Canon”. On the newspaper’s website, in addition to articles from the various issues, there is also an extensive list of links to friendly (art) projects and people.

The creators write about their project:

“What we start from: The literature business is not a neutral system. Analysis is needed. (…) We ask who says what and what says who. For us, it is about authors positioning themselves politically and not about tying literary texts to political content. Political writing means asking questions about connections and interdependencies. What we assume: Writers are not neutral. We do not spare ourselves. (…) There can be a literary canon that represents the history of all and is not based on the idea of development and progress. There is no women’s and minority literature / women’s and minority literature we must promote. The particular must become the general, because we move in made schemes – which can be done differently.”

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