In the volume by Florian Fischer and Nenad Čupić it is shown that the genocides for which Germany was responsible did not occur only in the middle of the 20th century, but are connected with 500 years of European expansion and exploitation. The German genocide of the Herero and Nama in Namibia is taken as the starting point.

“Set in the context of German colonial history and the European development of ‘race theories’, the racist developments in the colony “Deutsch Südwestafrika” are described and individual elements of the perfidious and detailed basic features of ‘modern’ barbarism, from pogroms and race laws to the first German concentration camps, are elaborated. At the same time, an attempt is made to find possible (social-psychological) explanatory patterns for it.” Book description of the publisher

The book raises the question: Is the ‘barbaric’ mass murder, the ‘extermination’ according to plan a break with the so-called civilization, or is it even a basic component of the European modernity?(Cf. book description of the publisher).

Florian Fischer / Nenad Čupić 2015: The Continuity of Genocide. Berlin: AphorismA.

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