In order to support people who are in resistance and are defending their territory or autonomy on the ground, collectives from Mexico, Mesoamerica and different parts of the world have joined together under the name“Caravan for the Good Life of Mesoamerican People in Resistance.”

The goal of the initiative is to pool knowledge resources and practical experience and move from Mexico to South America to collaborate with resistance movements on the ground.

On the route, the collectives want to show solidarity with local alliances affected by environmental damage. These are regularly produced by megaprojects such as mines, wind and hydroelectric power plants, road construction and oil exploration, which are carried out without the consent of the local population and are created in the name of so-called clean technologies.

On the ground, the aim is to work together for community autonomy and for the defense of human and civil rights.

In the joint work, tools are applied that, from the initiative’s point of view, represent a positive contribution to mutual support and self-management. Of particular importance, he said, are communitarian autonomy, the defense of human rights, the recognition of gender equality, and the right to be heard. One of the most important challenges would be for people from communities in resistance to acquire the knowledge for their social well-being.


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