5877270400001zThe subject of the anthology “Raus Rein” by Marion Hulverscheidt and Hendrik Dorgathen is the colonial school in Witzenhausen.

The institution was founded in 1898 and was unique in Germany. Witzenhausen served to prepare students for life in the colonies.

Based on historical documents, the authors create different text-image combinations in the form of a fictional narrative. Through stories, drawings, interviews, comics and photos, the book takes a critical look at a previously unknown and momentous chapter of German colonial history.

Marion Hulverscheidt, Hendrik Dorgathen (eds.) 2016: Raus Rein. Texts and comics about the history of the former colonial school in Witzenhausen. Berlin: avant.

If you don’t have a bookstore worth supporting near you, you can also buy the book from the alternative non-profit online bookstore links-lesen.de, which supports political projects with the profits. The link to the book is: http: //www.links-lesen.de/article/978-3-945034-50-7

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