“This programme of study offers a theoretical framework and methodology to support educators to read the cultural logics (systems of meaning and representation) of specific indigenous groups in relation to concepts related to the agenda for international development (e.g. development, poverty eradication, equality, education, etc.). This cross-cultural exercise invites learners to examine the origins of their own perceptions and cultural logics (their values and assumptions), to develop self-reflexivity, to re-evaluate their own positions in the global context and to learn from other local ways of knowing and seeing.” (from the self-description)

A critical self-reflection by the authors entitled “Translating theory into practice and walking minefields: lessons from the project ‘Through Other Eyes'” can be found on academia.edu.

Vanessa Andreotti & Lynn Mario T.M. De Souza 2008: Learning to read the world Through Other Eyes. An openaccess online study program focusing on engagements with indigenous perceptions of global issues. Derby: Global Education.

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