From Syria with Love is a project created by Rawda Abdel Kafi Mazloum and Baraa Ehsan Kouja. The founder and the founder come from Syria and are currently living in exile. The initiative aims to create a broad awareness of the living situations of people who have fled Syria through various formats and actions.

Part of the project is a traveling exhibition that has presented artistic drawings by young people currently living in refugee camps since 2015. The program also includes awareness campaigns and talks about the humanitarian crisis situation, for example with school classes or the legislature.

From Syria With Love has also published a book with the same title about the living situations of children from Al-Abrar Refugee Camp in Lebanon. The authors and artists are the children themselves. In the book they present their poems, drawings, photographs.

Molly Masters (Ed.) 2016. From Syria with Love. o.O.: IndieBooks.

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