The Heinrich Böll Foundation, in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, has published the brochure “Gender raus!” – 12 Corrections to Anti-Feminism and Gender Criticism.

Anti-feminist and national-conservative attitudes are increasingly resonating in a social climate that is shifting from emancipative discourses to the right: positions against the struggle of women, gays, lesbians and trans* for alternative forms of family life, for reproductive rights and sexual self-determination are gaining more momentum again.

Sexist and racist slogans do not only come from right-wing actors or religious fundamentalists, but can also be heard in the bourgeois conservative public.

The booklet provides counter-arguments and explains that living gender does not mean taking biological factors as a starting point. Instead, it explains how education, culture, economics, and structures of domination have a structuring effect on gender relations and ways of life.

The brochure can be downloaded here as a PDF.

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