“Jana is not allowed to play – she’s just a girl. And the dark-skinned Benjamin is annoyed: everyone always calls him chocolate chip cookie. Lisa doesn’t want to sit next to Dennis – he’s so fat! And Songül and Murat are not allowed in the dolls’ corner – they talk so funny. Even young children are familiar with prejudices. They learn early on that origin, skin color, language or gender are not neutral, but are associated with evaluations. What can educators do to promote togetherness? And what do children need to experience differences as positive and enriching? The renowned editor and her co-authors illustrate how to make lasting changes in pedagogical practice: from respectful collaboration with parents to playful forms of conversation to prejudice-conscious management of a daycare center.” (publisher’s announcement)

Petra Wagner (ed.) 2010: Handbuch Kinderwelten: Vielfalt als Chance – Grundlagen einer vorurteilsbewussten Bildung und Erziehung. Freiburg: Herder

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