In this comic, Vina Yun addresses the story(s) of Korean migration to Vienna in the 1970s, using the example of her family. In different episodes, the lives and everyday experiences of two generations, mother and daughter, are told. Frequent topics are dealing with racist attributions and questions about one’s own subjectivity and identity within a little reflected majority society.

“Homestories” was created together with Tine Fetz, Patu, Moshtari Hilal and Sunanda Mesquita as part of the project Kültür gemma! on whose Facebook page you can also find a video interview with Vina Yun here.

One review states:

“From this material, the author and four illustrators have developed a comic strip that illuminates a hitherto little-known migration story in a very personal yet comprehensive way.”

Vina Yun, Tine Fetz, Patu, Moshtari Hilal, and Sunanda Mesquita 2017: Homestories – A Comic about the Korean Diaspora in Vienna. Vienna: self-published.


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