5520032300001ZTexts and collages that have appeared on the blog migrantenstadl, as well as previously unpublished material, are now presented by the authors in book form.

“You are the voice from the middle of the periphery! The migrantenstadl is the initiative of Tunay Önder and Imad Mustafa. They view and interpret social processes – as members of the academic lumpenproletariat and themselves offspring of working guests – from an alternative perspective, with an alternative background of experience.

[…] Provocative headlines, honest reflections, political poetry and Dada: migrantenstadl mixes politics, culture and migration; it offers a forum to those who otherwise have none: Migrants, guest workers and other marginalized people. Their lifeworlds are the main thing for the authors, not an accessory.” Publisher’s description.

Tunay Önder/Imad Mustafa 2016: migrantenstadl. Münster: Unrast.

If you don’t have a bookstore worth supporting near you, you can also buy the book from the alternative non-profit online bookstore links-lesen.de, which supports political projects with the profits. The link to the book is: http: //www.links-lesen.de/article/978-3-89771-607-0


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