dummyThe book describes the life and persecution of Sinti and Roma during the Nazi era and the failure to make reparations in the FRG from the perspective of the daughter of a survivor.

Anita Awosusi is a German sintezza, author, civil rights activist and artist. “Our Father” is the story she wrote of Hermann Weiß, a violin maker from Karlsruhe. He was registered as a “Gypsy” by Nazis at the age of 15 and deported to the ghettos and concentration camps in Poland. After surviving forced labor in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, he was “made German again” by the SS for the final battle. Hermann Weiß returned to his hometown after years as a survivor and became a violin maker there.

Anita Awosusi 2015: Vater unser: Eine Karlsruher Sinti-Familie erzählt. o.O.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

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