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What is “Uhudler”? And what does this Austrian wine, which until the early 1990s was only allowed to be produced for domestic use, have to do with the beginnings of a globalized world economy? What colonial-racist histories of violence underlie long drinks like gin and tonic or Cuba Libre?

Colonial and racist thought and action in National Socialism – this (sub)title is the 2019 publication of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial in Hamburg.


The documentary film from 2007 follows the traces of prisoners of war interned in Wünsdorf (Brandenburg) during the First World War – on the basis of voice recordings made under the constraints of the camp.

Drew Hayden Taylor’s play satirically explores the racialization and violent appropriation of an indigenous community in Canada by two white Germans.


A thick book with more than 40, multicolored and detailed (land)maps from and about different regions of the world – and yet this book does not want to be an “atlas”?!

Every day, we allow it to become invisible that our lifestyle is only possible because we “externalize” or offload the costs for it onto other people and societies. The exploitation of people and nature, or more precisely the overexploitation (mostly) of the Global North of the social and economic resources of the Global South, is the focus of this book.

The online portal exists since 2012 and documents violence and (human) rights violations against migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, the southern external border of the European Union.