The film biography “Gibsy” tells in the form of a docu-drama the story of Sintos Johann Trollmann, called “Rukeli” and “Gibsy”, who in the summer of 1933 surprisingly wins the German boxing championship in the light heavyweight division.

Rukeli Trollmann’s success not only makes him a public favorite, but also puts him in the sights of National Socialists in the boxing federation. The victory he had won was revoked a week later on the grounds of poor behavior. Trollmann reacts decisively to this injustice: for his next fight he appears with dyed blond hair and white powdered skin as a caricature of an Aryan and deliberately loses the fight against his opponent. His resistance is not without consequences: Rukeli Trollmann is stripped of his boxing license.

Persecuted by the Nazis, Rukeli Trollmann was taken to the Neuengamme concentration camp as a victim of Porajmos and murdered in 1944.

Gibsy – The Story of the Boxer Johann “Rukeli” Trollmann | Eike Besuden | D | 2013 | German | Documentary/Drama | 90 min.

It should be noted that various actors in the film are not Sint*ezza or Rrom*nja, but unfortunately several times prototypically Sint*ezza or Rrom*nja.

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