how_racism_comes_out_of_the_wordsThe first part of the reference work first explains the connection between racism and colonialism, while the second part specifically examines terms and words for their transmission of white knowledge. Part three is dedicated to the topic of language and resistance and shows possibilities of intervention and re-description by the previously “described” themselves. The book is suitable as a lexicon and argumentation aid in the debate about language and power for journalists, academics and educators.

“To claim that one does not need to reflect on one’s use of language is ignorant at best, given the implications and connotations pointed out. The privilege of not having to deal with racism, it is a white one.” (from the Review by Marie-Sophie Adeoso; this and other reviews are. can be found here )


Arndt, Susan / Oufatey-Alazard, Nadja (eds.) 2011: How Racism Speaks from Words. (K)Erben des Kolonialismus im Wissensarchiv deutsche Sprache. A critical reference work. Münster: UNRAST


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