dummyThe Institute for the Situational Approach (ISTA) has published a brochure in its series “KiDs” that contains suggestions for a discrimination-sensitive approach to carnival celebrations.

Many children love to dress up, and the carnival, with its costumes, special room decorations, candy, and chips, is a popular highlight in the daycare
and elementary school everyday life. But what if the fun of one child
contains hurtful messages about the other person’s family? What if costumes echo and repeat discriminatory attributions about gender, family cultures, or acts of exoticization and racialization?
See the description of the brochure of ISTA

The handout makes discriminatory moments and actions at carnival celebrations and costuming in general visible and gives important concrete advice on how to make these situations as discrimination-free and respectful as possible for everyone.

A thematic focus of the publication is the consideration of disguises meant to represent the first inhabitants* of the Americas.

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