Moni Tano is a video blog that aims to empower Africans and the African diaspora worldwide through introspections from a postcolonial perspective.

The specific point of view is that of a Black woman experiencing her Black consciousness in different contexts and geographical spaces.

The blog is described by its operators as part of the necessary everyday practice of strengthening African and Black identities through cultural, historical, and personal re-appropriation.

The operators themselves say about the content of the video blog:

“From black history to modern day manifestations of an internalized racial oppression, Moni Tano explores topics speaking to us, black people- the Global African presence- that is Africans in Africa and elsewhere in the world. No topic is off limits as we dabble with natural hair, weaves, extensions and such. No sensitivities are recoiled from as we dabble on, we continue, with subjects as dicey as religion, cultural preservation, language, and so on.” Self Description of Moni Tano

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