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Indian writer, diplomat and politician Dr Shashi Tharoor, in his address to the Oxford Union Society, names some of the effects of British colonial policy on the Indian people and economy.

The debut single by Cologne rapper Leila Akinyi talks lightly and proudly about her self-image as a Black woman in Germany.

The episodes are called “Poetry Meets Soul with Jumoke Adeyanju”, “G20 Protest with Kofi Shakur” or “Exit Racism with Tupoka Ogette and Stephen Lawson” – unagitated, serious, dynamic and often poetic video/multimedia portraits of people of color and LGBTI* people who live, work, are politically, artistically, activistically active in Berlin.

The feature film tells of the summer of 1973 in Brooklyn, New York, of life and growing up as a Black child in the U.S., the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and its residents, financial scarcity and the loss of a loved one.

The track by SXTN from Berlin is quite a lot at the same time – resistant, fresh, empowering, ironic, danceable and clever are just a few possible characteristics.

The Mexican Revolution, the founding of the Paris Commune or the beginnings of the trade union movements – this documentary uses original footage to tell the story of one of the most powerful political movements of the last 150 years.

Forensic Architecture is a research agency that works internationally on various forms of violent crime, human rights violations and armed conflicts.

The duo consists of Ghanaian and Ghanaian-Romanian musicians M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor. They do “Gospel Porn” – making them, in their own words, “the most celebrated Ghanaian music duo in the world due to their most unconventional way of entertaining with ingeniously tasteful shock lyrics, revolutionary performance art & indulgent progressive sounds.”

The clip of the youtube channel Newsbroke addresses, in the style of an explanatory video in a work context, everyday situations of non-white people and people of color.

This animated video illustrates a 2010 presentation by education and creativity researcher Ken Robinson on structural and conceptual ills in teaching, learning, and knowledge production.

The documentary tells the story of the 2012 Marikana strike at the Lonmin mine, one of South Africa’s largest platinum mines.