Since the end of 2016, the multiple award-winning novel “Riwan oder der Sandweg” by Senegalese author Ken Bugul has also been available in German.

In the book, which was published in the original French version in 1999, Ken Bugul tells the story of a woman who returns to Senegal after years in France and Belgium. The autofictional main character is in search of a restored, arbitrated personality. In doing so, she reflects deeply and clearly on feminism. Views adopted from Europe about living conditions of women in Africa are overturned, taken apart and dissected. In “Riwan” a courageous examination is made of traditions, polygamy and monogamy, alienation, with life and death. (Cf. AfricAvenir’s book description).

Ken Bugul 2016: Riwan or the Sand Road. Berlin: AfricAvenir International.


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