This compilation gathers songs of Turkish and Turkish-German musicians. All the plays were created in Germany until the early 1990s and focus on the life and work of the first generation of immigrants.

Imran Ayatta and Bülent Kullukcu, who call themselves the duo AYKU , write on the website of Trikont Verlag:

“A major drive of AYKU in this project is to make the unknown known and to document this diverse musical culture so that it is not lost. AYKU raise musical treasures that are unlikely to be known in this country and are also in danger of being lost. (…) For AYKU, the real commonality of these artists is that they were pioneers. Pioneers because they made themselves and their everyday lives the subject of discussion, were not only suffering but also pugnacious and ironic, and were astute observers of German society.”

Imran Ayatta & Bülent Kullukcu: Songs of Gastarbeiter Vol. 1: 2013

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