The transnationally organized network of grassroots activists in Togo, Mali, Guinea, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, among them numerous self-organized refugees, migrants and deportees, has existed since 2009.

On their website, the activists write about themselves and their work:

“Programmatically, Afrique-Europe-Interact pursues two goals in particular: On the one hand, we support refugees and migrants in their struggles for freedom of movement and equal rights – whether in the countries of the Maghreb, on the Mediterranean or within Fortress Europe. On the other hand, we are involved in social struggles for equitable or self-determined development. After all, the right to global freedom of movement and establishment is only one side of the coin. No less important is the right to remain, that is, the possibility of living a life in safe, dignified and self-determined conditions at home or in the country of origin.”

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