“‘Where are you from?’ This is a question Afro-German presenter Jana Pareigis has heard since early childhood. Yet black people have lived in Germany for 400 years.”(Deutsche Welle via Afro.Deutschland)

Afro.Deutschland is a 2017 documentary by Deutsche Welle that explores the experiences of Black Germans as a discriminated minority.

In the film, Jana Pareigis describes aspects of her life as an Afro-German and her ways of dealing with everyday racism.

“She links her biographical experiences with the history of blacks in Germany – from the colonial era to the present day. Jana Pareigis meets other Afro-Germans, such as the rapper Samy Deluxe, the professional footballer Gerald Asamoah or the contemporary witness Theodor Michael, who had to perform in ethnic shows during the Nazi era. They describe what it’s like to live as a black person in Germany. The film was directed by DW editor Susanne Lenz-Gleißner and Jana Pareigis together with Afro-German director Adama Ulrich.” (Film description from Deutsche Welle)

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