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The singer-songwriter and activist Fasia Jansen, born in Hamburg in 1929, fought all her life against racism, economic and social exploitation, against war and for emancipation and equal rights for women.

European-flavored chips, gas station Nazis, bell hooks “all about love,” the German literary establishment: in this text, Olivia Wenzel, a playwright and performer from Berlin, writes about her writing between things like these.

The online dossier of the same name recalls the emancipatory, feminist, leftist movements and struggles of 1968 by confronting the dominant, popular historical narratives with , Afro-German, African, and queer perspectives and biographies.

The track by SXTN from Berlin is quite a lot at the same time – resistant, fresh, empowering, ironic, danceable and clever are just a few possible characteristics.

In her manuscript “Keine Angst, mein Herz” (Don’t be afraid, my heart), Berlin-based author and performer Olivia Wenzel tells of racist attributions and forms of resistance, of growing up and reflecting, of right-wing terror and images of fear between Brandenburg, New York, Berlin and Thuringia.

The track of the Berlin rapper Matondo is about (colonial) racism in his hometown Berlin, which reaches up to the present, and about resistance.

Afro.Deutschland is a 2017 documentary by Deutsche Welle that explores the experiences of Black Germans as a discriminated minority.

This anthology by Sara Lennox contains 13 texts that trace the lives and work of Black people and associations in Germany at different times and cultural-historical periods.

Biscay is an Afropolitan novel about the lives of Black people in Berlin by SchwarzRund. In the book, the author…

Colonial perspectives and actions continue in Germany and are expressed in all areas of society. Black perspectives, among others, thus…